The Top 5 Electronic Locks For Your Home

In our digital age, locks and keys are keeping up with technological advances. The leading lock and key manufacturers know that homeowners are increasingly seeking out new and better ways to protect their properties and families. One such way to do that is to use electronic locks on your doors. They’re great because they provide you greater access control, can be managed by your smartphone, and often offer better security than your typical home lock. However, with all the available options, which one should you choose? We’re here to help. We’ve got 5 recommendations for the electronic locks we think will offer the best protection while being affordable and easy to use. 

Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen Deadbolt with Z-Wave

This lock works with over 50 home automation brands and features a backlit touchscreen. It can save up to 250 codes – the most of any lock on the list! Additionally, the lock pad comes with privacy settings that let you disable some or all codes for a designated time period. However, customers commonly complain that leftover fingerprints could potentially tip off burglars to your code. 

Schlage Z-Wave Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt

Schlage is one of the world’s most trusted lock makers. It should come as no surprise, then, that their lock is at the top of our list. While this is the most expensive lock on the list, it offers the best in security and convenience. It has a Grade 1 ANSI/BHMA rating, meaning it meets the requirements for the highest security level possible for a lock. And with easy installation, a backup key, and Alexa voice control capability, it’s super convenient. 

Kwikset Kevo Bluetooth Smart Lock (2nd Gen)

Kwikset is up there with Yale and Schlage when it comes to quality and name recognition in lock and key brands. Their customers know them for their high quality products, and this lock is no different! It combines high-tech functionality with the look of a standard keyed lock. It can sense when someone is approaching the door and will engage its touch-to-open feature, allowing you to open your door with a single touch. That means no fumbling with a key fob or phone. However, this lock had the lowest customer ratings, with reviews speaking of slow response times and app glitches. 

August Smart Lock (3rd Gen)

August’s 3rd generation smart lock offers easy remote control, low battery alerts and a secure Bluetooth connection so you don’t have to use WiFi. The design is sleek and simple and looks good on most doors. Best of all, it works with your existing deadbolts (though it isn’t compatible with every deadbolt, so be sure to check before you buy.)

SoHoMiLL Electronic Door Knob

SoHoMiLL isn’t as large a brand as the others on this list, but they can offer the lowest prices. This electronic keypad lock in particular costs under $50 and works with left and right hinged doors. It doesn’t have Bluetooth or smart home capabilities, but it’s still a customer favorite since it doesn’t require a smartphone or wifi connection, mayking keyless entry an option for everyone. One complaint about this lock, though, is that it can only store up to 8 codes, much less than every other lock on our list. And since it’s not a deadbolt, it doesn’t offer the highest level of security. 


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