Are Expensive Locks More Secure?

As consumers, we always wonder if anything expensive is better in quality. Such wonder is no exception when it comes to home security. If you have ever wondered whether or not expensive locks are more secure then we have the answer for you! 


Firstly, we should establish what constitutes “expensive” locks, as opposed to “regular” locks. State Locks N Keys considers deadbolt locks and smart locks as more expensive alternatives to regular home or office locks. Now that the difference is established the real question needs to be answered: is the price worth it? 


So are expensive locks more secure? In a short answer, YES, deadbolt locks and smart locks do provide better security but not just in terms of sturdiness. Here are some of the ways that a smart lock could improve your home or office security and daily convenience.

Strengthened Security 

Both deadbolt locks and smart locks are sturdier and have better functioning security, smart locks more so. Although Deadbolt locks have a stronger sturdiness aspect to them, which does make them more reliable. However, smart locks have the ability to lock or unlock the door either via an app or through a pin. 


Are you worried about having your keys stolen, lost or in the hands of a stranger? Well, you won’t have to think about such tedious tasks with a smart lock.  A keyless system makes it harder for thieves and burglars to enter a home without an extensive set of tools and skillset. For such high-security reasons, investing in a smart lock is definitely worth it. 

Increased Convenience

As mentioned above, smart locks are extremely convenient with their extensive list of abilities, especially for today’s busy work lifestyle. Smart locks have either a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth based connection, allowing users to connect the locks to their phones. This means that you can let your kids in or view who is at your home without actually being at home. 

Such convenience is almost unreal to be true, but it is not. That is why smart locks are worth the high price point as it combines high security with maximum comfort. 

No More Lockouts

Long gone are the days of unintentional lockouts, with a reliable keyless smart lock system. You won’t have to worry about forgetting your keys or losing them. Smart Lock allows you to easily enter your home with either your phone or a pin. This truly makes a smart lock worth the price. 


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