All You Need To Know: Digital VS Smart Locks

State Locks & Keys cares about your security. One of the ways to stay secure is to have sturdy and well functioning locks. You’ve heard of smart locks and digital locks, more often than not, they are used interchangeably. State Locks & Keys will clear it all up, here is our guide: All you need know: Digital VS Smart Locks. 

Are Smart Locks & Digital Locks the same? 

Often compared or even used interchangeably, digital and smart locks, although different, do share a quality. The main aspect of them both is the ability to open without the use of keys. Some do have the option of using a key on top of being able to gain access without it.

Here is the deal though, there IS a difference between smart and digital locks. The main difference, when boiled down to one thing, is the proximity or the need of physical interaction.  Read further to find out exactly what is meant by that and how they differ in such aspects. 

Digital Locks

Digital lock requires some type of physical contact or interaction with the lock or close to the lock for it to open. These types of locks range from PIN and card enabled entry, to highly advance biometric systems that use fingerprint security. Irrespective of the mechanism used, digital locks tend to employ same set of features and advantages.


  • Straightforward installation process and operative system 

  • Options for single or multiple-user access

  • Push-button or touch screen

  •  Weather Resistant

  • Full keyless option

Smart Locks

Unlike Digital locks, Smart locks don’t depend on physical interaction to function. These modern locks are controlled remotely through the integration of wireless and mobile communication technologies. Many would find such modern practices outrageous, ability to unlock your door without touching is absurd. Except, it most definitely is not. Below is a list of general functionalities and advantages of a Smart Lock.


  • Lock and unlock your door from ANYWHERE in the world via your mobile device

  • Ability to integrate security cameras to view who is at your door, virtually at any time at any given place (with access to your mobile device, naturally).

  • Provide access via virtual key to anyone with the app. 

  • Be notified when someone enters or exits 

  • Especially useful for Airbnb hosts. Ability to generate PIN codes for guests. Allowing you to avoid meeting each of your guests or leaving keys in a quite possibly less secure location. 

Now that you know all you need to know: Digital VS Smart locks. You can make your decision and install a new lock with State Locks and Keys. We ensure to install these locks securely and to our best expert abilities. Call or get in touch today for impeccable service (786) 577 3677