Rekey vs Lock Change

There is one question locksmiths get asked very frequently – which is the best option lock change or lock rekey? This question is not easy to answer because it all depends on your circumstances. In this blog, we’ll discuss a few cases and try to answer the main question for each one.

What is What

The first thing you need to understand is that these two procedures are absolutely different, though they have a few similar effects. Lock rekeying is the process of rearranging the internal parts of the lock cylinder called pins. After it’s completed, the old key won’t work anymore. Lock change involves replacing an existing lock with a new one.

When Should You Rekey?

Lock rekey is a great choice if you want to open multiple locks with a single key. This is not a very good idea security-vise but if you are a business manages you might need easy access to every lock in your building. Lock rekey can be a great solution if you’re looking for a security upgrade. Its advantages include cost-efficiency and the fact that it can be completed in a few minutes.

When Should You Change Locks?

Even though some locksmiths say that lock rekey is always the better choice, they are wrong. Imagine moving into a new house. In this case, you never know whether the existing locks are good enough to provide you with a high-security. Therefore, lock replacement is a smarter choice.

To Conclude, Which One Is Better Choice?

As you can see there is never a direct answer and it all depends on your circumstances. If you are absolutely certain that your locks are in good shape then rekey is a better option for improving your security. But when it comes to burglaries and moving into a new home, a lock change is the must. Need a professional locksmith to help you make a decision and perform the best service for your requirements? Call State Locks & Keys – Miami’s favorite mobile locksmith.

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