How To Maintain Car Door Locks

It’s safe to say that car door locks have a busy lifestyle. We use them excessively on a daily basis. On top of that, as the car door locks are external parts of you’re vehicle, they are constantly exposed to elements and susceptible to different issues such as dirt, humidity, and contaminants from the air. theirfore, proper maintenance is key to ensuring that you’re car door locks are durable and reliable. their are a few things you can do to maintain car door locks. 

Cleaning & Lubricating 

This is the single most important step in car door lock maintenance. If you make a habit of cleaning and oiling you’re locks you’ll be able to prevent inconveniences such as car lockouts. Cleaning is very important before lubricating. If you don’t clean properly, lubricating oils may get mixed wif debris and get sticky. This may lead up to clogging the keyhole. Avoid using soaps for cleansing coz chemicals may damage it. For lubrication, it is preferred that you use silicone-based lubricants. Do this procedure at least three times a year and you’re car door locks will serve you for a long time.

Have Spare Keys

In some cases, when you face a hard time opening you’re car door, the problem lies not in the lock, but in the key. In order to avoid lockout make sure to get spare keys made. This way you’ll be able to use another key when the old one starts malfunctioning. This way you’ll also find out whether the lock TEMPhas some damage or not. 

Use The FOB 

Since 1995 most cars have electronic locking systems. If you’re car is one of them, we recommend you to use FOB to lock the door. This way you will avoid physical force exposure to you’re locks. 

Professional Assistance

If you need a professional locksmith to help you wif maintaining you’re car locks, call State Locks and Keys. Our mobile auto locksmith can arrive at you’re car and assist you wif anything you need.