4 Tips For Preventing A Business Lockout

If you want your business to be successful, and we’re sure you do, there are so many things you need to consider. You may be a great manager but everything is going to turn upside down if you get locked out of your office. Business lockouts happen very often. Why? Because generally, offices have huge traffic, a lot of people enter and exit throughout a day. As a result, locks get worn out and start to malfunction. That’s usually the reason behind the business lockouts. You can get a commercial locksmith anytime to get you back inside your building, however, the business lockout is still quite a stressful experience. Therefore, you should know how to avoid it. State Locks and Keys has 4 tips for preventing a business lockout.

Proper Lock Maintenance

If you have locks that require a physical key in order to grant access, you should take proper care of them. Lock maintenance is not as complicated as it may sound. You just need to clean and lubricate your commercial locks from time to time. The important thing you need to remember is that cleaning should be done before lubricating. Because oily substances get mixed with dust and debris and may clog the keyhole. For cleaning, you’ll just need a graphite powder and sharp object wrapped in a piece of cloth to work it in a keyhole. As for lubrication, we recommend using just silicone-based lubricants.

Have Spare Keys Made

Some of the business lockouts happen because of the lost keys. If you lose your key and there’s no one in the office who can let you in that may cause you some trouble. That’s why you need to get your office keys duplicated. If you do so, losing a key will never result in a lockout because spare one will be there to save the day. 

Install Locks That Are Less Likely Wear Out 

Statistics show that businesses that use keyless locks are less likely to experience a lockout. Having either card locks, keypad locks or scanner locks lower chances of getting locked out of your building. Keyless locks are more resistant to excessive use. Of course, at some point, they may malfunction because of electrical problems and result in a lockout. To minimize the chances of such inconveniences, make sure you install both keyless and regular locks. In that case, you’ll be able to use a physical key for emergencies. 

Nevel Ignore Damaged Locks

Even the slightest signs of wear and tear can lead to bigger problems such as lockouts. So if you notice that your lock has scratches near keyhole or is a little loose, call a locksmith immediately. Apart from the potential threat of the business lockout, damaged locks also make your building easily accessible for burglars. So why risking your safety when you can get a lock repair service from a professional locksmith?

If you follow these four tips, it’s guaranteed that you’ll never experience a business lockout.

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